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Detail photos

Omega Thermo Products 17F2
 Open enclosure 


Omega Thermo Products 12 F
 Gas and water distribution panel

Omega 12 bew F
 Operator panel next to workspace

Omega Thermo Products 15F
 Quadra Clamp to ensure optimum clamping and positioning

Omega Thermo Products 13F
 Coherent DC CO2 laser with cabinet

Omega Thermo Products 33F2
 Nozzle welding

Omega Edgeweld

Motorised Infeed- and Outfeed Tables

Automatic Laser Power Measuring

Omega Thermo Products 17F4
Omega Thermo Products 12F3
Omega 12 bew F4
Omega Thermo Products 15F4
Omega Thermo Products 13F3
Omega Thermo Products 33F3

Omega EdgeWeld

The Omega laser machines now offers a new option to fuse weld the jacket edges on Single Embossed Pillow Plates with the Omega EdgeWeld. This is achieved by utilizing an edge scanner while laser welding

The Omega EdgeWeld offers several advantages;

  • Better hygiene due to elimination of crevices, in which contaminats could collect and grow bacteria
  • Easer cleaning and pickle passivation process cannot collect witch prevents potential corrosion
  • Manual labor to fuse weld jacket edges is something of the past, this will result in lower labor costs which will save money
  • The Omega EdgeWeld improves the aesthetics of the final product

Example Omega EdgeWeld 12
   Automatic seam weld to close the gap between the upper- and lower plate


Extra options


Options 12
   Automatic Laser power measuring at the welding nozzle

Options 34

Options 6
   Motorised infeed- and outfeed tables


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