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Quadra Clamp Properties & Advantages

CO2 nozzle welding
Superior quality due to CO2 wavelength and Omega welding head.

Flexible laser welding   
Laser welding of single and double embossed pillow plates of 0,6 to 3,0mm thickness in a wide variety of materials up to to 2m wide in virtually unlimited lengths.

Fully developed
Laser welding system with the knowledge of more than 30 years of pillow plate welding integrated in the design, software, training and support.

Supplied with the latest version of Centurion, Real time Power-Loss Monitoring and Industry 4.0 options.

Heat Transfer Solution
A complete laser welding solution that meets your heat transfer requirements, so not only the laser welding machine but also pre-filled welding settings for the most common material combinations, design- support , training, design and maintenance support and remote service.

With more than 30 machines sold world wide there are many options available to meet your requirements.

CO2 Nozzle Welding

Flexible Laser Welding

Fully Developed

Omega Thermo Products 38F
Omega Thermo Products 29F
Omega Thermo Products 26F
Omega Thermo Products 15F