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Software 12

Omega has developed dedicated Quadra Clamp Software to translate DXF-files from AutoCAD welding pattern drawings to Siemens CNC codes. The software is in English language and Windows oriented with all its user-friendly advantages.

In 2020 we started with a major update where the program was completely re-written in the latest software language and all user comments and wishes were incorporated.

This software gives you the oppertunity to make even relatively complex heat-exchanger designs and to generate the CMC program belonging to it in a very short time. It also calculates the theoretical welding time.

The software also supports to split the total pattern between welding head A and welding head B in case a second welding head is installed.

Power Loss

Power Loss


The Omega Quadra Clamp is equipped with a Power Loss System to monitor the state of each of the external mirrors. These mirrors are water-cooled and the power absorption of each of these mirrors is monitored in real time. When the absorption reaches above a pre-determined value the machine will stop automatically and indicate which of the mirrors has to be cleaned. With this system the cleaning interval can dramatically be reduced resulting in a optics life time of up to 3 years (depending on the welding settings, materials and the operator).

ProduPlus (Smart Factory/Industry 4.0)
Omega can supply and integrate the ProduPlus software as an option. This machine monitoring system that can be used to monitor the status of the welding system in real time.

ProduPlus automatically registers the status of the connected machines and production lines. In the latest version, it makes use of the Simatic HMI of the Power Loss System for operator input about the reason of production loss.

ProduPlus is seamlessly intergrated with the Centurion software for easy access to production data.

ProduPlus is not limited to the Omega welding machines but can be linked to almost all machines and the status is immediately visible.

Omega Laser Systems uses ProduPlus and can demonstrate the advantages.

Software 3



Complex Heat-Exchanger Designs

Power Loss System


Software 1
Software 2
Software 3
Omega Thermo Products 26F3
Omega Thermo Products 22F
Omega Thermo Products 21F


  • Rigid machine frame with milled reference planes

  • Suitable for upper sheets ranging from 0,6 to 3,0 mm thickness and lower sheets up to 40 mm

  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials

  • For sheets up to 2m wide 

  • Fully developed construction 

  • CO2 or fiber laser source

  • Siemens 840D CNC control system 

  • Heavy duty Axis

  • ‘’Property’’ developed CAD/CAM software


  • Co2 or fiber laser welding giving the best visual quality of the laser welds

  • Optimised welding system with more than 30 years of pillow plate welding experience integrated in the design, software and training

  • Sold more than 30 machines world wide, continuously improved for the highest machine availability

  • Four strong clamping beams ensuring perfect clamping during welding and transport

  • Extensive training by experienced laser welding and programming employees at the Omega factory before- and after installation 

  • Real time monitoring of all optics

  • Easy inspection and accessibility of the workspace  due to relatively ‘’safe’’ CO2 wavelength


  • After sales support  

  • Qualified mechanics